Creative Uses For A Spare Room

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Do you have a room in your home that has no useful purpose, like a living room, dining room, office or spare bedroom?

Turn your junk room into one of these now highly functional and stylish spaces.  I love what these designers have done!

At Home Gym Or Yoga Room

By Masterpiece Design Group

Work out in the comfort of your own home!  The secret to getting in a work out is having a gym that you look forward to being in.  One that is warm, stylish, and uncluttered;  One that looks so good even if its on the first level of your home.

*reuse large bathroom mirrors on the walls, or install multiple extra tall wood framed mirrors hung next to each other along the wall

*Add a motivational decal on wall space above the television so you never forget to ‘Go For Glory’ or something like that

*recycle an old media unit into a ‘gym supply station’ and store water bottles, towels, and dvds there.

*use a tall hamper to hold yoga mats

*hang hooks on walls for jump ropes and towels

*give the room a fun vibe by painting simple stripes in two shades of the same color

*change out carpet to carpet squares and create a vibrant pattern on the floor

Here is another gym that looks good…….

By Oakwood Homes Architects and Designers

Wine Cellar

By Tracy Zeller Designs

Turn a spare room into a wine room to drink and entertain company.  This room you see includes a built-in temperature-controlled wine storage cabinets that maximizes the available space.  Yours does not have to be as high in cost.  You can add:

*There are a lot of bar units you can buy that include cabinet space for wine bottles to be shown in a neat way

*Install wine racks on the walls, or a large floor to ceiling wine cabinet.  There are many to choose from in wood or metal finishes

*seating for friends and lots of table space for wine and finger food

*Speaker for soft music like jazz o play in the background

*avoid installing a television

Bar Lounge

By 13 design group

Again, you want to create a space that is inviting.   This photo above shows you that a bar lounge can be modernized and a cool space to entertain in.

*turn a closet into a bar (take off doors and add cabinetry)

*add comfy seating with large coffee table to set drinks and appetizers on

*mix chairs and a sofa or just use 4 or 5 chairs facing each other

Home Library Lounge

By Sutro Architects

I don’t know why more people do not have reading nooks in their upper hallway/ loft areas.  Just seeing this photo makes me want to kick my shoes off and curl up with a book.  You can easily create an adorable reading library with a bookcase (low one or high one) and an upholstered chair.    Add:

*Upholstered chair and ottoman

*Lamps that offer good task lighting

*Arrange your books vertically and horizontally, and use accent décor to keep your bookcase interesting and unique

*To keep the room soft add a light paint color to the walls.

A Gentleman’s Game Room

By Pinnacle Architectural Studio

Create a poker room rich in character and woodwork.  Love reading about those old time speakeasy joints where people went to indulge illegally?  Design one for yourself in a spare room (even a bedroom). This theme includes leather looking wallpaper and an entry door that looks like a ‘bank vault’; or you can try wallpapering the entire room including the door so you can’t even notice the outline of the door when closed!  Wrapping the walls in paper that has ‘books on shelves’ pattern is another great option!  Add:

*If there is a closet in the room take off the doors and create a bar in it.

*If using a piece of furniture as the bar, choose a deep mahogany or cherry. Finish

*Include lots of moldings and trim work to the walls, and the ceiling!

*don’t forget to bring in a large sassy chandelier

*Bring out the tarantula juice or the monkey rum (slang for alcohol)

*Create a password to get in the room just like they did back in the day

*Hang a collection of Fedora hats

Ladies Lounge

By d2 Interieurs

Create a room full of zen. A place sacred to just you because YOU deserve it!  This private place allows you to let loose your passions, whether its learning to knit, construct works of art on canvas, or reading a good novel.  Add:

*soft and comfortable furniture

*task and accent lighting; no overhead unless on a dimmer!

*bring softness to the floor thru wool or shag.

Hang Out Room For Teenagers

By Interior Concepts, Inc.

Create a game room/hang out zone for your kids and their friends in a spare bedroom.  Have fun with the walls by painting stripes. Its sure to be a hit with friends.  Add:

*comfy relaxed seating and throw pillows

*large television with games

*small frig for drinks

*big coffee table or ottoman for putting gaming equipment on

*change door to French glass so you can see in, or take off door entirely

Craft Room

By Meritage Homes

Start with a juicy color for the walls, and add lots of white furniture.  Use white because it will be easiest to find coordinating pieces in this color, even if from different vendors/manufacturers.  And white keeps the room light and airy. Add:

*functional pieces around the room AND use the center of the room for a table to work on- This allows you to take full advantage of the entire room best.

*lighting is key so make sure you have ample options on hand.

*Use wall space like this photo shows

Kids Work Space

By Fiorella Design

Turn a spare room, including a bedroom, into a Kids Work Space. A dedicated space to homework, art, and allowing kids to brainstorm anything imaginable!  This room does not need to be on the main floor so think outside the box!

*include desks (or tables pushed together) along long side of room.

*add bold color desk chairs for a fun statement

*remember to make sure there is an electrical outlet under desk to plug in lamps for task lighting

*Install upper cabinets to make use of wall space

*Have a comfy upholstered chair in room for reading

*keep room bright and light; let their artwork and books create the color palette.

*add a large calendar and blackboard next to each other on another wall.

Home Office

By Geremia Design

Your office does not have to feel crammed with chunky large cabinetry, or be a ‘matchy matchy’ room.  This example shown is more organic and relaxed.   I can envision working at the desk, then heading to the vintage cabinet for a drink.  Love how they turned it into a mini bar!

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