Hot Decorating Trends I Dig For 2014

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Home decorating trends for 2014 will still include the perfect mix of the industrial style we’re used to seeing BUT with a more refined chic glam twist.


“2014 home design style will be like going from a well designed t-shirt to a button down; a little more sophisticated but still relaxed.”- Shosh of LYR

Keeping up with all the trends in the interior decorating and design industry is fun and ever changing.  For Shosh, her personal taste has been evolving as she has the opportunity to see all that is coming our way in 2014.  Here are some decor pieces she is using currently for projects that will be completed in 2014.  Shhh………


- Hot baby hot!  Using metallics will add that glam factor for 2014.  And Mixing and matching metallics will give you an edgy divine room.  This is something I am playing around with right now.  Pillows will ‘pop’ any piece of furniture from sofas to beds if done correctly.  The ‘pop’ can look fabulous with a fabric that has a metallic shine to it like this pillow above that has a silver-foil stamping on organic, natural linen pillow with a Greek Key motif.  I am using these pretty little stunners in a current project for 2014!


- Yes, metallics rock and a vintage brass has a classic chic vibe that is a choice finish for cabinet hardware, faucets, to lighting! I have been wanting to try these Restoration Hardware lamps and am finally using it in a living room project that will be completed in 2014 (check for the 2 lamps on the bookcases in the photo sketch above)!

Have you noticed more and more lighting options in your area and online?  Lamp and lighting sales have been a strong performing product for retailers and manufacturers these last few years.  When this happens more variety can be found!


- Yes, that’s right…’s back!  Remember, what happens in fashion makes its way to home decor.  So not only is fringe on purses and shoes, it is also on upholstered furniture, pillows, and lamps BUT BE CAREFUL TO KEEP IT FROM GETTING OUT OF CONTROL!  Try one piece of decor to ‘fringe out’ with.

Here is my idea on how to use fringe in a fun way!  Try this easy and inexpensive DIY project:



- As you recall, #1 on my list above is ‘metallics’, and this wallpaper has a subtly shimmering metallic look.   The wallpapering process has come a long way and manufacturers have developed inks to create reflective shades of metals like copper, bronze, silver, brass, platinum and gold.  I am using this wallpaper in a Library Lounge project for a fabulous client.

Walls dressed in wallpaper takes a room from a nice space to a ‘wow’ statement.  Wallpaper creates a stunning focal point paint cannot achieve, and can also be used to enhance an oddly shaped room.  This is a wonderful trick to use by designers!  Other popular themed wallpapers are Moroccan inspired, extra large patterns (tip- the larger the repeat in a wallpaper the more you will need of it), a take on 1950′s retro style, and contemporary graphic designs.

York Nouveau ET2009 wallpaper


See this transformation CLICK HERE

- Knobs and pulls are a hot commodity!  Create a unique brand new look for a buffet, cabinet, or accent table simply by changing the hardware.  There are now a ton of options for pulls and knobs.  Choose from ceramic painted, eclectic, bone, leather, crystal, and other materials!  Anthropologie is a fave website to go to for a nice selection.   See how easy it is to get a new look by CLICKING HERE.

I adore knobs and pulls!  Lately when I have custom furniture made I typically do not have holes drilled in the doors.  I find just the right knob or pull and install it myself (actually, I use Bill my handyman).

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