Get Started On Your Interior Design Project

Lets Roll Up Our Sleeves And Tackle That Room

We start with an initial meeting listening to your request, vision, and talk about your lifestyle. For hourly consults, we use our time wisely identifying issues and ways to conquer them, color palette, design, and ideas to create an elegant and comfortable space.

For larger projects, we discuss the scope of the project, the design process, budget, and extensively talk about style and color palette, and then measure your space.

Some of my clients have asked me to manage their design projects alone, some enjoy being part of the process, and some want to do more themselves and use my services as a springboard to create a vision that they then build on. I recognize the need to accommodate my clients in an individual way. Therefore I have created a la carte services. Depending on your time, budget, and need you have choices.

I Love Choices!!!